another aftereffects works… Hope you u like it guys! Thanks to andrew Kramer for his great tutorial

anyways its a been a year since I started studying AfterEffects, its just like an ordinary day while searching the net i found a site that lead me to discover After effects! 1st i got intimidated coz i dont know how to use this program..ofcourse I ask my seatmate bout it…(they say it just like flash). ofcourse flash have keyframe when i ask how to make keyframe(somebody laugh at me “hahah KEYFRAME LANG DI PA ALAM” but i dont take it bad instead i use it constructively to help me to focus in this software). I spent mostly of my freetime learning this software with a clear mindset that “I be the Best that Im going to surpass this person.(heheh taray)”. i dont need to elaborate more dont want you guys to read my conscience, anyways forgive me for my english i know its bad. bow!!!


One Response to Ink

  1. ayanstein says:

    galeng mo na! kahit keyframe lang di mo alam! whaahha..parang kilala ko nagsabi nun…isa rin sa magagaling

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